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Fire Up The Crystal Ball

Des Moines October Market Monthly Interactive Review Before I get into some year end predictions, click the image below to access the interactive October market report. Ten Months Down – Two Months to Go I’m going out on a limb this month. With just days before the Presidential election and the likely weeks of controversy […]

Six Months That Felt Like A Year

Des Moines Home Values Appreciated During Covid-19 With new record low home mortgage interest rates, homebuyers are able to spend more on their home purchases in 2020. The ongoing question this spring from homeowners contemplating listing their homes is whether their homes are worth more this spring than a year ago. The short answer is […]

The Des Moines Real Estate Pivot

Pivot – “To turn as if on a point” After the 2008 economic recession, I began to talk about the “new normal” and how the real estate business would continue on, just in a different way. Since the coronavirus has taken over the world, I’ve been hearing talk about the new normal again. This time […]